Pet Friendly!

Pet Friendly!

We understand that your pet is much like a family member and he or she deserves to come on holidays with you. Unfortunately, if you are looking for pet friendly accommodation in NSW, there aren’t many places that will happily accommodate your furry friends.

The good news is, we do! Please feel free to bring your dog, cat, horse or other pet – if in doubt whether you can bring your pet just give Annette a call or send us a message.

What to bring

  •  your pet’s bedding
  • a lead or portable fencing (e.g. for your horse)

Your pets are allowed inside in both Colenso Retreat and Walkers Cottage (if size allows of course! 😉 ) but they are not allowed on the furniture (which includes beds).

Please note: an additional cleaning fee will apply where evidence is found of pet’s on furniture or bedding.


You are more than welcome to explore our beautiful surroundings but we do ask you keep your pets on a lead when walking around on the property. There are other animals and kangaroos around and we would like for your pets and our animals to stay safe. There is plenty of space for your animals to enjoy, some of it fenced off.

If you have any questions about your pets coming along or specific requests we may be able to help you with, feel free to contact us.